Creating A Special Product With Pinsa Flour Mixers


What Is Pinsa Flour?

Pinsa or Pinsa Romana flour can trace its roots all the way back to the Roman Empire. The dough made from this special flour has many unique qualities and is enjoyed by people across the world. Pinsa is a combination of Non GMO wheat, rice soy, and sourdough flour, mixed together for an extremely versatile, convenient and delicious crust.

The sweet smelling and flavorful Pinsa flour can be used in many recipes, which give chefs the opportunity to highlight their culinary creativity. Pinsa flour produces a dough that is extremely popular for pizza dishes, as well as other creations that involve a variety of toppings including meat, spices, fruit and even chocolate.

The Many Benefits Of Pinsa Romana Flour

For decades, the benefits of Pinsa flour have been celebrated by chefs all over the globe. Here are some of the advantages of Pinsa over more conventional types of flour configurations.

  • Naturally Digestible - Dough made from Pinsa flour is easily digestible for a number of reasons. It goes through a 72-hour process of cold fermentation, which greatly breaks down starches. Pinsa flour dough is also 80-90% water, which allows the body to digest it quickly. Lastly, during the maturation process of the dough, complex sugars and proteins are broken down, which also plays a large role in its ease of digestion.
  • Uniquely Delicious - The combination of Non GMO rice, soy, wheat, and sourdough flour gives Pinsa products a crunchy outside and an incredibly soft inside.
  • Extremely Nutritious – As a result of the mixing of various flours, Pinsa contains many vitamins such as A, B and C. In addition, important minerals for the body are found in the flour, including calcium, phosphorus, potassium and iron.
  • Healthful Benefits – Pinsa Romana flour produces a dough that has a significant reduction in sugar, fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates, as compared to conventional dough.

The Art Of Mixing Pinsa Flour

In light of its unique characteristics and ingredients, Pinsa flour must be mixed properly in order for it to turn out as it should. The American Eagle Food Machinery line of spiral mixers are ideally suited to produce the highest quality Pinsa dough. Our machines will help you create this special product efficiently and quickly. The mixers are named for their spiral shaped agitators. They produce a superior Pinsa dough product, due in part to the coordinated, but varying speeds between the agitators and the mixing bowl. The precision blending that is produced from this design keeps the dough much cooler, which is desired for Pinsa flour products. Cooler temperatures prevent dough from becoming over developed, which helps the Pinsa dough have a much better elasticity and consistency.

The American Eagle spiral mixers are driven by dual motors, with the agitator and mixing bowl being powered independently. This design eliminates torque and griping issues at both the initial mixing stage, as well as throughout the process. When you desire to introduce Pinsa Romana dough products into your operation, look no further than American Eagle Machine Products to be your single source solution. Contact us today to learn more about why so many chefs have chosen our spiral mixers to help them produce the finest Pinsa dough in the industry. 

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