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Commercial Food Processors & Vegetable Processors

When you invest in an American Eagle commercial food and vegetable processor, you can be assured of a machine of the highest quality and durability. A commercial food and vegetable processor plays a vital role in every productive kitchen or food facility. Whether industry professionals are working in a restaurant, catering operation, hospital, school or grocery store, they need a machine that can be relied upon to consistently deliver outstanding performance. If you are in the business of food preparation, you will love one our outstanding commercial food and vegetable processors.

Dice, Cube, Shred, Julienne, Grate & Slice In No Time With a Commercial Vegetable Slicer

Food and vegetable processors save a lot of effort by cutting preparation time down to a fraction of what it normally takes to complete tasks by hand. A great deal of side work that previously required hours of manual work to be performed can now be done within minutes. The food machine professionals at American Eagle take great pride in every piece of equipment we sell, as we still believe in the principles on which our company was founded upon - quality, value and service. We know that you work long hours every day to produce the best food products available in the marketplace today. You can count on our food and vegetable processors to provide outstanding and trouble free service for years to come.  

Even Process Meat

With our optional, available attachments, the American Eagle AE-GV22 restaurant food processor can process many types of meat. We know that quality meals start with the freshest meat products available. Give your kitchen staff the ability to control the meat preparation process themselves to ensure quality, without having to rely on outside parties to complete this kind of work.


A Commercial Grade Food Processor For Every Application

We have several food and vegetable processors from which to choose, that will all meet the unique needs of every kitchen and food producing facility. Our machines are made from the finest cast aluminum, stainless steel and other high quality metal components. The food and vegetable processors are compact by design and very easy to disassemble and clean. The equipment does not take an extensive amount of training to operate and your kitchen staff will be extremely proficient in a short time. Our cutting blades are very sharp and provide outstanding performance, but are designed with operator safety in mind.

The American Eagle AE-VC30 machine is ETL Certified To Conform To NSF/ANSI 8, CSA, CE Standards. This machine features one touch button operation, heavy duty cast aluminum construction and rust/corrosion resistant finishes. Whether you are dicing or chopping vegetables, slicing blocks of cheese or processing meat, our food and vegetable processors will get the job done quickly and produce outstanding, quality results.


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The American Eagle restaurant food processors will deliver many years of reliable service for your kitchen. If you are looking for the highest quality food and vegetable processing equipment that will save your business both time and money, we are the single source solution for all you needs.

Contact us today to learn more about why American Eagle Food Machinery has become the trusted partner for so many professionals operating kitchens and food preparation facilities across the globe.