Commercial Meat Tenderizers

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When you invest in one of American Eagle® Food Machinery's commercial meat tenderizers for your kitchen, shop or facility, it will easily pay for itself when you consider the time & labor it will save for your staff and preparation efforts. Each of our commercial meat tenderizer machines are designed to fully tenderize pieces of meat for use in a variety of recipes and preparations. Compared to tenderizing cuts of meat via mallets, acids or citrus juice, tenderizing with our commercial meat tenderizers will not change the shape or natural flavor of the food. Oftentimes, demanding consumers can easily tell the difference between manual and machine tenderizing. 

Why Buy a Meat Tenderizer Machine?

For those involved in the selling of meat to the public or other industry professionals, such as a grocery store meat department or butcher, a meat tenderizer can play a very important role in your success. A small amount of tenderizing can go a long way in making your meats more tender & flavorful. Eliminate any potential reputation problems that can result from your customers getting any tough cuts of meat. Guarantee a reliable level of quality with your product by consistently using one of our commercial meat tenderizer tools.

Our tenderizer machines also offer the best value for busy restaurant or cooking professionals. In order to run a business in the most efficient and profitable manner, it is crucial to have low overhead costs, while looking for efficiencies wherever you can. Whether you need to tenderize chicken, pork or steak, you will save time, labor and money with one of our commercial meat tenderizer machines. Discover how quickly and easily you can tenderize meats for marinades. Recipes that call for extra-large cuts are no problem as they can be processed with our wide input chutes. Our unique designs always have the safety of the operator in mind, and of course, we guarantee a high level of quality workmanship, which results in a machine capable of giving you many years of outstanding service.

Commercial Meat Tenderizer Features

Some of the features of our best tenderizers include:

• The choice of either a powerful 1 HP or 1.5 HP motor
• Over 60 heavy duty, razor sharp knives attached to 2 stainless steel shafts
• The ability to easily process cuts of meat up to 1 inch thick
• Dual Comb design, which helps to prevent meat getting jammed in knives
• Heavy duty, easy to clean design
• All metal gears and shafts

The mission of American Eagle Food Machinery is to provide you with the best quality machines and equipment that will not only save you time and money, but will also be a great help in preparing the best quality food. Let us help you find the right commercial meat tenderizer machine for all your needs!