Jerky Slicers

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There’s one thing you never want to sacrifice in your food service operation and that’s quality. You take great pride in the outstanding meat products that your facility produces and you can count on the machines from American Eagle Food Machinery to be your partner. We provide the best food service professionals with the finest meat slicing equipment on the market today.

Jerky meat is one of the most popular snacks today because of its high level of convenience, excellent protein and low carbohydrate levels. The jerky slicers from American Eagle Food Machinery are the perfect complement to your busy kitchen, restaurant or other food service facility. But it’s not just food professionals that use our jerky cutting equipment, as hunters and homemade jerky enthusiasts also find our machines to be exceptional in value, operation and durability.

Beef Jerky Slicer

Whether you want to cut boneless chuck, skirt steak, venison, flank or round steak, our machines will get the job done quickly and efficiently. Slice beef into thin strips in seconds with no wasted product. The American Eagle commercial jerky slicers are compact, heavy duty and designed to give you many years of reliable service. Our patented designs come from the real life experiences of food service professionals in the field. They know firsthand what kind of features are required in busy food operations and we integrated the best of those ideas into our machines.

Best Meat Slicer For Jerky

Jerky slicers have to be very precise and efficient in order to do their job correctly. Cutting meat into quarter inch strips cannot be left to underpowered electric motors or an insufficient number of cutting knives. Our jerky kits come with a powerful, 1 HP motor that makes slicing jobs effortless. Heavy duty cutting machines have to be rugged, so we designed our jerky meat slicers to have all metal gears and shafts. Plastic components can cause a loss of power, jamming and destruction of product. Buying less expensive or lower quality jerky slicers will only wind up costing more in the long run with the damage to perfectly good meat and time lost in the kitchen.

Commercial Jerky Equipment

Commercial food service operations need equipment that they can rely upon and will get the job done day after day. The American Eagle Food Machinery beef jerky slicers have been proven to be an exceptional value for the durability and long lasting service they have provided over the years. Our equipment stands up to the harsh demands of professional food operations because we insist on only using the highest quality parts and components. We feature 64 durable, circular knives that are mounted onto two shafts made from stainless steel. The dual comb system prevents meat from getting jammed or stuck in between the cutting knives. Our standard #12 hub design connects effortlessly with any American Eagle meat grinder, planetary mixer and even other manufactures’ machines. The high quality, stainless steel construction of our slicers make them easy to detach and clean.

When it comes to quality food, you can count on American Eagle Machinery Inc. to be as dedicated as you are when it comes to creating the best meat products available. Jerky meat can be a very profitable part of your business, so that is why you want to ensure your equipment will never let you down. Our jerky meat slicers will give you many years of durable service and will pay for themselves in the long run. Contact us today to learn more about how our jerky slicers will help bring your meat operation to the next level. The right equipment in your kitchen can make all of the difference.