Commercial Meat Grinders

The American Eagle Food Machinery Inc. product line of commercial meat grinders will not only save you time, but also operational expense. We have a great selection of industrial meat grinders for any food industry application, regardless of size and at a price point that will work within any business budget. Whether you are in need to grind beef, pork, chicken or any other meat, we have a machine that can be tailor fit to your specific requirements. There are few food industry professionals that would not benefit from a high quality and versatile, commercial meat grinder. After putting one of our industrial meat grinders to work in your business, you will discover the impact it will have on the quality of your products and the efficiency of the business operation.

Commercial restaurants, kitchens and other food preparers often make meals that call for ground meat in their recipes. Guarantee quality by not relying upon meat products that come pre-ground from other sources. Professionals agree that the freshest ground meat is processed on site where conditions can be controlled. For those who are in the business of selling meat such as a butcher or a grocery store meat department, you have to be sure that you are delivering the freshest and best products available to your customers. Their knowing that you care enough to grind meat in house will go a long way towards giving them even more reasons to enjoy the products that you have to offer.

We have various machines available for every need or application. Our commercial meat grinders have features that include:

  • Strict adherence to NSF No. 8, CSA and CE standards 
  • Quick pass augers that help to prevent wasted food
  • Powerful 1 HP or 1.5 HP motors
  • Ability to grind up to 250 or 450 lbs. of meat per hour 
  • 100% metal, gear driven operation 
  • Highest quality, stainless steel construction

With the cost of doing business rising each year, you must look for operational efficiencies wherever you can. In addition, it is critical that you stay ahead of your competition as it relates to market share. Our meat grinding machines will save you money and increase your product quality.

The American Eagle family of food machines are designed with you in mind. It has always been our goal to provide a quality product that delivers an excellent value - all at an affordable price. We are confident that when you start using an American Eagle commercial meat grinder in your food service operation, it will play an important role in helping you make the most out of your business.

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