New Gold Series Planetary Mixers Now Available


New Gold Series Planetary Mixers

In celebration of the past 25+ years American Eagle Food Machinery has begun offering restaurant and bakery equipment, we are proud to introduce our new Gold Series 20 quart and 30 quart Planetary Mixers, AE-20GA and AE-30GA. Engineered with craftsmanship to create artisanal and refined products, along with a unique gold finish, these machines add distinction to any food preparation process. With new features never before included in our past models, there is now an attachable ingredient feed as well as rubber feet and arms for secure placement. Compared to previous models, the Gold Series is a premium upgrade with all the best features: #12 hub, wire safety guard, solid cast iron construction, and premium enamel paint coating that resists rusts, scratches, and dents. Find them through your local equipment dealer or search on one of our online dealers.

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Some Tips For Your Business During COVID-19 Crisis

As you may know, the CARES Act has made money available to businesses to cover basic operating costs during the COVID-19 crisis through the creation of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Please see this brief 2-page information fact sheet released by the Treasury Department here: is a lot of information out there about how [...]

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COVID-19: American Eagle Food Machinery Committed To Supporting Your Business

All of us here at American Eagle Food Machinery understand how COVID-19 uniquely challenges all businesses we serve, from those of you using our equipment daily, to our valued partners who distribute, re-sell, and service our machines. We understand that our equipment serves crucial functions for foodservice operators still trying to prepare and deliver food [...]

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Introducing the High Volume Meat Cutter

Due to popular demand, we now offer a high volume meat cutter attachment. This attachment is to be used with our 1.5HP motor. With the larger input chute of 7" by 2" and a feeder pan, you can now process more meat than ever! You can now get cut sizes up to 2". The several [...]

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Creating A Special Product With Pinsa Flour Mixers

What Is Pinsa Flour?Pinsa or Pinsa Romana flour can trace its roots all the way back to the Roman Empire. The dough made from this special flour has many unique qualities and is enjoyed by people across the world. Pinsa is a combination of Non GMO wheat, rice soy, and sourdough flour, mixed together for [...]

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How We Can Help You Make the Best PIzza Dough

Everyone loves pizza and having a good reputation in your community for having the best pie in the neighborhood is worth its weight in gold. All restaurants that sell pizza have to do all they can to make themselves stand out from the competition. A great pizza starts with the best crust and the commercial pizza dough mixers from [...]

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Get Ready For NAFEM 2019!

Stop by Booth 111 at the NAFEM 2019 show! The NAFEM show takes place in Orlando, FL from February 7th to February 9th, 2019 at the Orange County Convention Center. We look forward to meeting you if you come attend the show! If you would like to set up an advance appointment to meet us, [...]

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Planetary Mixer and Spiral Mixers | American Eagle® Food Machinery

Planetary Mixers vs. Spiral MixersPlanetary and Spiral Mixers are the most common commercial mixers, while both of these dough mixers are great choices for any foodservice operation. Let’s take a look at their main differences.What is a Planetary Mixer?Planetary mixers are multi-functional mixers with a fixed, non-rotating bowl. The bowl is raised and lowered into [...]

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Voyage Chicago Feature

We were recently interviewed by Voyage Chicago. Click to learn more about the personal story and history behind our company.

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NEW And Improved 20 Quart and 30 Quart Planetary Mixers Now Available

We are proud to introduce our latest additions, the AE-200A and AE-300A planetary mixers, our fourth generation of commercial planetary mixers. Featuring a number of improvements compared to the previous generation AE-20NA and AE-30NA mixers. Find them through your local equipment dealer or search on one of our online dealers. The AE-300A is the most [...]

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