Our Vision

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American Eagle Food Machinery has been providing value-added foodservice solutions to a broad range of industry professionals for over 30 years. We are headquartered in Chicago, “America’s busiest meeting place,” and the site of many national and international shows where restaurant, hospitality, and foodservice professionals gather. Chicago is also a city of neighborhoods, with restaurants featuring foods from every ethnic origin. Whether you are a five-star chef making french pastries, or a restaurateur making deep-dish pizza, you can count on American Eagle Food Machinery to provide a versatile range of products for you! As proud members of NAFEM, we are committed to:


We are uncompromising in the quality of machine design and materials. We built our reputation over decades of tireless effort, and believe that quality manufacturing best serves the environment, our customers, and our company in the long term. High quality means increased sustainability and reduced materials waste and is part of our vision to be a responsible manufacturer and distributor.


We believe in maximizing value for our customers by offering high quality equipment with versatile designs at the best prices. Our goal is to help customers boost productivity and lower operating costs, no matter what kind of business they operate. We strive to design and develop products that are affordable and can serve many functions in a food-service operation.


We commit to honesty and integrity in both our business relationships and in our products. We stock over 90% of our products and parts in Chicago so that we can provide reliable support in a timely manner and ensure the best possible customer satisfaction.