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Customer Highlights


4b4d6769-848f-4534-813b-f8b6ac205e3b-l.png(Regarding AE-G12N Meat Grinder)

We were very happy with this purchase. It is very heavy and can take a beating. We are a soup kitchen and often have volunteers operating equipment so they can get beat up fast, but this thing was built to last. It's also extremely easy to operate. Volunteers who use it need only a couple minute safety tutorial and can operate it easily. We've really enjoyed using it to grind cooked chicken for chicken salad as well as making our own sausages. It has been a great asset in helping us feed our community. We'd highly recommend this product!

Derek, Feed'em Soup (www.feedemsoup.org)


2073b5e8-9089-46f8-9ff9-700569399daf-l.pngSan Felipe Olive Co. has been using and selling the American Eagle Meat Grinder, M/N: AE-G12N for many years now. We use it to grind the olives, pits and all, to prepare a paste for the extraction of the olive oil in our "CUB" Olive Oil Press.  It grinds an excellent paste every time and is heavy duty and durable.  We, or our customers, have had no trouble with it whatsoever.   We highly recommend it for your heavy duty grinding.

Glenn, San Felipe Olive Co. (www.sanfelipeoliveco.com)


e89a713377ba4d0cba93612f4cace1e9.jpegWe are a pizzeria, and we have the 60 quart planetary mixer to make pizza dough. I’ve been the manager of this business for 6 years, and we’ve had the mixer since 2010. Every day, we would use our mixer to mix 50-80lbs. It’s been working pretty well, pretty good product. It’s definitely been a good value for what we’ve paid for it, and we would definitely buy American Eagle equipment again because it is good quality and doesn’t provide much headaches, and that’s what this business needs because we’re too busy and need a good servicing product that is reliable. 

Vinny, Eli’s Pizzeria and Pasta (www.elispizzapasta.com)


I have the AE-G12SS grinder with the AE-T12H tenderizer attachment, and the date on it says 2000. It is going strong, works great. We have loved it. It makes the deer steak so much better. I have several brothers, and my son-in-law and myself, we probably will grind 20-25 deer in a season. If the equipment goes out, I would have another one. It has been excellent, and if anyone wanted to cut up any kind of meat, the tenderizer is a great asset. We used the grinder for a little while before we got the tenderizer. The tenderizer enhances everything. It tenderizes the meat so good, everybody says, when we cook deer steak, that it’s the best they’ve ever eaten.

Betty S. (Judsonia, Arkansas)


33595224-1549143195195853-415785746587189248-n.jpg(Regarding AE-5080 Spiral Mixer)

I’ve been operating a consulting business, and I’ve been in the pizza industry for 22 years. There’s a particular challenge with the dough I make that this mixer has helped solved. The speed of the equipment, and the strength of the motor allows the gluten to stretch and collect everything. Since it’s not just gluten in the dough, there’s wheat, soy, and rice. So we need something that will have a high RPM to help with the gluten and get the consistency that we need. I’ve owned this dough mixer for 12 years, and it only had one service call on it.

Carlo, Pinsa Romana (www.pinsaromana.us)


I’m the president at an European-styled bakery and deli. We’ve been in business for over 30 years. We got the AE-G22S grinder about 20 years ago, and now we got another one (AE-G22N). It works well, so we don’t have any problems. We use the grinder to grind all the meat--the bacon, we’re using for our bacon buns or rolls, everything. It’s a good brand, and I don’t have problems with this brand which is good. It helps us a lot, for sure. 

Pawel, Racine Bakery (www.racinebakery.com)


I’ve been the general manager and head chef of a restaurant for 5 years. We sell a lot of dumplings and wontons, and we use the meat grinder to make them. It helps save time in making the filling for the dumplings and wonton. When we took over this restaurant several years ago, we kept the AE-G22N grinder that was there. We’ve used the old grinder for 8 years, and that’s a good time. We never changed it because we were happy with the product. Customer service is very good. Any time I have a problem with the product, I call and American Eagle always help me. If anyone ask me about meat grinders, I would definitely tell them to buy from you guys: good customer service, good product! 

Derek, China Dragon (www.china-dragon-indy.com)