Commercial Mixers

A commercial mixer is an essential part of any commercial kitchen. Restaurants, caterers, and bakeries that prepare large amounts of food on a daily basis require quality, reliable, durable food equipment. One item with a place in every commercial kitchen is a commercial mixer. When you look at commercial grade mixers, you'll find many different kinds. At American Eagle Food Machinery, we pride ourselves on quality, value, and reliability.


If you need a commercial mixer to whip cream, stir batters, or blend ingredients, a planetary mixer is a great choice. Its variable speed allows for many different levels of mass mixtures. They are very popular for bakeries as well as pizza makers. In addition, we offer all-inclusive accessory packages on commercial mixers of all sizes. Many popular choices includes mixers with a beater, whisk and dough hook. All of our planetary mixers meet or exceed commercial sanitation requirements. You can find all of our planetary mixer products here.

Our smaller commercial mixers come in a range of sizes, from 10 quart mixers ideal for small caterers to large, 80 quart industrial mixers great for large scale baked-goods manufacturers. Specially designed speed modifications on our 40 quart and larger mixers produce high-torque motion perfect for pizza dough. Easy to use push button controls and timers come standard with most of our commercial mixing equipment. The result is excellent multi-functional performance at a great price. Click on the individual models to find details on each product and its standard package.


Spiral commercial mixers are a popular choice for many bakeries, pizza makers, and restaurants as well. The spiral mixer has a fixed dough hook and rotating bowl and it’s designed for mixing large amounts of dough. These commercial mixers are ideal for mixing dense, tough dough for bread and pizza crusts. The most important thing besides a great recipe is the way the dough is handled. Used for decades in European-style bakeries, spiral mixers imitate hand-kneading and rolling motions. They expertly knead the dough to an even consistency, resulting in great crusts and loaves of bread. The largest spiral mixers can handle hundreds of pounds of dough per batch. For all of our commercial spiral mixers, please visit here.

If you are a baker or restaurant and you’re in need of commercial food equipment or industrial restaurant equipment, give us a call! American Eagle Food Machinery has been providing value-added commercial equipment solutions to the restaurant, hospitality, and foodservice industry for over 30 years. Headquartered in the great food city of Chicago, we’re proud to work with many of the world’s finest culinary professionals. Chicago is a city of many diverse neighborhoods with restaurants featuring foods from every ethnic origin. Whether you are a five-star chef making delectable French pastries, or a restaurateur making deep-dish pizza, you can count on American Eagle Food Machinery to provide a versatile range of products for all of your cooking needs.