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Four Decades Of Quality, Value & Reliability 

Top Quality Restaurant Equipment At Affordable Prices

Since our founding in 1980, American Eagle Food Machinery has provided the food service industry with the finest quality and most durable food processing equipment that the industry has to offer. Headquartered in the world class city of Chicago, we are proud to say that our machines are utilized across the globe in a wide range of kitchen applications. We attribute our success over the years to the timeless principles upon which our company was founded.


When it comes to meeting the needs of our customers, quality is the foundation of everything we do. Our goal has always been to build durable machines that offer years of reliable service. We intend to help our customers raise productivity and lower operating expenses with every machine we sell.


From our earliest days, we have promised our customers a great return on investment with our food processing machines. Delivering top quality equipment at an affordable price is the mission of our company. Every day, we commit to the principle that our success is entirely dependent on the value we provide to others.


Being able to depend on our machines to get the job done is a top priority. Our equipment is built with the best quality components available and thoroughly tested for durability. American Eagle Food Machinery is also committed to providing our customers with second to none support and customer service.

Being able to depend on our machines to get the job done is a top priority. American Eagle Food Machinery is committed to providing excellent support and service. Our goal is to lowering your total cost of ownership, and quickly responding to your business needs.

Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Equipment  

Meat Cutting, Grinding & Slicing Equipment

Take your kitchen quality to the next level with our full line of meat processing equipment. American Eagle’s top selling, 5-in-1 concept meat grinder machines are designed to provide your kitchen operation with many years of dependable service. Whether you need up to 250 lbs/hr or 450 lbs/hr processing capacity, we have the equipment to meet all of your needs. Our standard, #12 hub on both a 1HP or 1.5HP motor will also give you a wide range of attachment options to boost your staff’s productivity and efficiency.

Vegetable Processors

Eliminate the need to manually process vegetables for your food service operation. Vegetable side work is completed with our high quality and built to last machines. Your staff will love how easy it is to slice, or shred vegetables and cheese for meals.


Add a great deal of versatility to your food processing machines with our line of hub attachments. Our top quality, stainless steel units come in a wide variety of applications, such as meat grinders, tenderizers, slicers and vegetable processors. Our attachments also fit many leading competitive brands as well as they are designed to use a standard #12 hub drive pin.

Commercial Dough Mixers/Sheeters/Moulders/Dividers/Rounders/Bread Slicers

American Eagle’s full line of commercial dough processing equipment and bread slicers will immediately boost your kitchen’s productivity, efficiency and profit margins. Our top quality and highly popular spiral and planetary mixers range in size from 10 QT to 250 QT capacity and have played a vital part in our customers’ success for more than 40 years. Our equipment is made from the finest, long lasting materials and is designed to give your food establishment many years of dependable use. Our mixers, sheeters, moulders and other products will make the job of creating exceptionally high quality baked goods a breeze.