Extended 6 Month Warranty

American Eagle Food Machinery is offering a free 6 month extension of warranty coverage on all countertop restaurant equipment to help provide our customers with additional no-cost support during the COVID-19 crisis. A significant percentage of restaurants have been negatively impacted and forced to temporarily close or limit service. As restaurants slowly recover, our company wants to provide support where we can as restaurant owners resume operations. 

To that end, the 6 month warranty extension applies to all countertop restaurant equipment purchased in 2020. The 6 month extension applies to both New and Refurbished machines. This is an extension of time for our standard warranty, which can be reviewed here: https://www.americaneaglemachine.com/warranty-information/

Only the length of the warranty is extended, all other terms and conditions of the warranty coverage remain the same.

To aid in this process, we require warranty registration so we can track the new warranty expiration date.

Please register here: https://www.americaneaglemachine.com/register-warranty/

Eligible countertop model restaurant equipment for this extended warranty coverage include:

AE-G12N, AE-G22N, AE-MC12N, AE-MC22N, AE-TS12, AE-TS22, AE-JS12, AE-JS22, AE-GV22, and AE-GMC22N

If you have questions regarding this program, please contact us here