NEW And Improved 20 Quart and 30 Quart Planetary Mixers Now Available

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We are proud to introduce our latest additions, the AE-200A and AE-300A planetary mixers, our fourth generation of commercial planetary mixers. Featuring a number of improvements compared to the previous generation AE-20NA and AE-30NA mixers. Find them through your local equipment dealer or search on one of our online dealers. The AE-300A is the most compact 30 quart mixer available on the market and features stainless steel accessories. The AE-200A now includes a standard timer. Both machines have stronger shafts and agitators compared to the older models, and a redesigned safety guard made from thick gauge steel for extra durability. The safety guards now also feature an optical laser sensor to detect when the guard is closed, eliminating a common mechanical failure point.

AE-300A 30 Quart Mixer
AE-200A 20 Quart Mixer

To Learn More About the AE-200A, Click here:

To Learn More About the AE-300A, Click here:

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