Accessories And Parts

American Eagle Food Machinery is your single source solution for OEM commercial kitchen equipment parts and accessories. Our full line of high quality accessories will increase the productivity of your kitchen staff and maximize the quality of your products. Choose from a wide variety of available American Eagle parts for grinders, mixers, processors, hub attachments, presses and bowls. The parts and accessories offered by American Eagle Food Machinery are designed to give you many years of reliable service and value.

Meat Grinder Accessories

Choose from a wide selection of original equipment accessories for your commercial meat grinding equipment. We offer a full range of products, including teflon washers, sausage stuffing funnels, meat pushers and stainless steel knives. Our huge selection of stainless steel grinder plates will be sure to save your kitchen operation time and money.

Planetary Mixer Accessories

For more than four decades, the American Eagle planetary mixers have greatly increased the productivity of commercial kitchens around the world. We offer a full line of mixer parts and accessories including beaters, mixing bowls, spiral dough hooks, wire whips and trollies. Whatever it is you need for your kitchen’s planetary mixers, we can help.

Food & Vegetable Processor Accessories

Throughout the years, our food and vegetable processors have saved kitchens thousands of hours of time by eliminating the manual labor required to cut and chop food by hand. Choose from a wide selection of OEM food processor parts and accessories, including, french fry plates, shaving discs, dicing plates, julienne/crinkle plates, stainless steel shredding disks, cut plates and slicing discs/knives.

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Our top quality stainless steel mixing bowls will provide your kitchen operation with many years of reliable service. Choose from a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 10-250 quart capacities. Our bowls will be sure to increase your kitchen’s product output and profitability.

Hub Attachments

Maximize your kitchen’s versatility with our high quality, stainless steel hub attachments. Choose from a large selection of applications, such as vegetable processors, meat slicers, grinders and tenderizers.

Our hub attachments will last for years and are super easy to clean and maintain.

Keep your American Eagle Food Machinery equipment running at top performance and optimize your kitchen’s productivity with our full line of OEM parts and accessories.

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