Spiral Mixers

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American eagle spiral mixers are ideal for fresh baked, quality artisan breads and specialty pizza crusts. The performance that it provides a chef is invaluable, and is needed to create a dough that is both high in quality and consistency. Spiral mixers have been increasing in popularity in specialty cafes, bakeries, pizzerias and restaurants. Our spiral mixers gently mix the dough, allowing it to provide a great consistency without excess mixing. Perfect for all your needs, our spiral mixers make a variety of dough from pizza to bagels.


The gentle coordinated movement of the bowl and agitator keeps dough cool while mixing a consistent texture. Spiral mixers allow the dough to remain at a low temperature as the spiral hook spins while kneading the dough as the mixing bowl rotates. These mixers are very easy to clean up and quickly ready for the next task. Many restaurants and bakeries overuse their mixers causing them to break down, resulting in an increase in maintenance and a loss of production. Our spiral mixers give you the ability to make high volume batches of bread dough or pizza at one time without straining or causing damage to a unit that is not made for that type of volume. American Eagle spiral mixers are great for specialty breads that need to ferment slowly and not get overheated, resulting in the proper yeast activation and a superior product.

American Eagle spiral mixers have the capability, depending on the size and model, to mix batches of dough ranging from 44 pounds to as much as 396 pounds to meet your special needs. Our spiral mixers have two mixing speeds that produce an evenly mixed dough. The slower speed helps mix the ingredients evenly, while the faster speed helps develop the gluten structure of the dough. We carry two speed mixers with programmable timing. The dual 30-minute timer comes with automatic switching between low and high speeds. Programmable timers add consistency to the process and increase efficiency.


Our spiral mixers feature durable construction that is suited for large, thick, and heavy dough that is constantly being mixed. A majority of our models have heavy-duty, single mold cast iron construction. This construction results in a long product life as well as minimal maintenance costs. Most of our mixers come with an enamel coating that resists scratches, dents, And rust. This makes our spiral mixers one of the most durable in the industry.

American Eagle spiral mixers come with a variety of options, sizes and specifications. Our line of spiral mixers has a capacity to mix dough from 44, 110, 176, 264, 352, and up to 396 pounds. Our spiral mixing bowls have the ability to hold 40 to 250 quarts. Our fixed bowl design comes equipped with stability guards on the right and left side to provide superior stability even while mixing large amounts of dough. It’s important to note that the safety guard needs to be down completely in order for the spiral mixer to be turned on.

Our heavy-duty agitators are 25% thicker than the industry leader. We have a dual motor system, one that drives the agitator, and the other to drive the mixing bowl. All of our models have reversible mixing action which improves consistency and makes better dough in less time. Our models have motor-start up relay system that reduces the stress on belts. Most of our mixers come with an enamel coating that resists scratches, dents, And rust. All of our spiral mixers are ETL Certified To Conform To NSF/ANSI 8, CSA, CE Standards. Our spiral mixers have a multiple-V-belt drive design with embedded fibers for extra strength.

With a high capacity at affordable prices, our spiral mixers are versatile enough to make dough for everything from bagels to pizza. See our products below!