Spiral Mixers

Spiral Dough Mixer: The Secret to Better Dough


American Eagle ® spiral mixers provide your foodservice operation with the best mixer for the best tasting dough. Why do European artisan breads taste better? The most important thing besides your recipe is the way the dough is handled. Used for decades in European-style bakeries, spiral mixers can imitate hand-kneading and rolling motions. The gentle, coordinated movement of bowl and agitator controls blending and prevents overdeveloped dough. The dough stays cooler, mixes in less time, and has better consistency. American Eagle spiral mixers meet every baker’s challenge: high-capacity,high-efficiency machines at an affordable price.Their exceptional reliability make it ideal for busy cooks by decreasing mixing times and maintenance. These versatile mixers make a variety of dough suitable for everything from bagels to pizza.

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