Meat Grinders & Processors


We manufacture a comprehensive selection of heavy-duty, high-quality meat processing machines. Our machines' exceptional reliability and attractive, compact designs make them ideal for open kitchens and front-end meat operations. All of our Meat Grinders and Meat Slicers are ETL Certified to NSF No. 8 standards, the best standards in the industy. We manufacture a large number of attachments including a meat tenderizer, jerky slicer, and meat cutter that can be purchased as an accessory or as a stand-alone kit when paired with our powerful 1HP or 1.5HP motor. We also offer a manual hamburger patty press and meat slicers to fulfill all of your meat processing needs! These machines make processing even the toughest meat easy. They're perfect for foodservice professionals, hunters, butchers, pet owners, and home food enthusiasts alike!

Past Models

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