The Advantages of the OneHUB Collection


Limited space is a concern many restaurant owners keep in mind when purchasing equipment. Those with concern can rest easily when picking up the American Eagle® OneHUB collection. Not only can you use several different attachments that do several different functions, but you can also use the same motor unit with its small footprint. With the meat grinder, meat tenderizer, vegetable shredder, jerky slicer, and two styles of meat cutters, you have your choice of what you want to use on your motor. All attachments have been verified to work with American Eagle® Planetary Mixers and AE-G12NM or AE-G22NM Motor Kits. To maximize your OneHUB experience, we highly recommend pairing to the 1.5HP motor to easily power all the optional attachments, even our larger and heavier ones. Decrease recipe preparation time, produce less food waste & get a consistently professional look. Save on labor and training costs to deliver efficiency & bottom-line savings. 

Check out the many ways you can put the collection to use:

Check out the Collection here:

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