American Eagle Food Machinery Commercial Meat Tenderizer and Jerky Slicer Attachment, #12 Hub, Stainless Steel, AE-TS12H

AE-TS12H Meat Tenderizer Attachment Stainless Steel Fits #12 Hub

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  • Product Description

    • Easily Tenderize Tough Meat Cuts Up To 1 Inch Thick!
    • 64 Heavy Duty Knives Mounted On Two Stainless Steel Shafts
    • Dual Combs Prevent Meat From Becoming Stuck In Knives
    • Standard #12 Hub Design, Verified To Work With AE-G12N and AE-G22N Meat Grinders
    • Heavy Duty, Durable High Polished Stainless Steel Construction



    American Eagle® commercial meat tenderizers feature patented design, all-inclusive accessories and competitive pricing, making them the best value for food service professionals, hunters, butchers or home enthusiasts alike. Their exceptional reliability and attractive, compact designs make them ideal for open commercial kitchens, front-end meat operations, or a home counter top. Heavy Duty design means no plastic gears or shafts! Use the meat tenderizer to make tough meat into delicious, salable product. Ideal for Skirt Steak, Boneless Chuck Steak, Venison, Round Steak, or Flank Steak. Maintains form and shape for cooking. Efficiently tenderize meat in seconds instead of using a manual meat cuber! Easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. Dual rotating knives pierces fibrous meat and knits both sides of the meat at once! Great for preparing meat for marinades and stir fry.

    Input chute measures approximately 1.1 inches by 7 inches to accommodate extra large cuts! This is a Meat Tenderizer Accessory that has been verified to work with all American Eagle® Meat Grinders and Planetary Mixers. The accessory is designed for use with a standard #12 hub so may be compatible with equipment from other manufacturers.


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    AE-TS12 Meat Tenderizer Demonstration

    This video from American Eagle Food Machinery is demonstrating how quickly the AE-TS12 Meat Tenderizer can tenderize beef. For more information, visit us: Facebook: Twitter: