How We Can Help You Make the Best PIzza Dough


Everyone loves pizza and having a good reputation in your community for having the best pie in the neighborhood is worth its weight in gold. All restaurants that sell pizza have to do all they can to make themselves stand out from the competition. A great pizza starts with the best crust and the commercial pizza dough mixers from American Eagle Food Machinery can play an important role in taking your pizza sales to a new level of success.

Our commercial mixers will help your kitchen’s staff make a superior product, while greatly reducing the amount of time and labor it requires to produce pizza dough on a large scale. If your restaurant wants to win at the game of selling a lot of pizza, our commercial dough mixers are the perfect solution.

Types of Commercial Pizza Dough Mixers

We are proud to offer a variety of commercial pizza dough mixing machines to suit the needs of every kitchen application.

  • Spiral Mixers – On a spiral mixer, the agitator spins in a fixed position, as the mixing bowl rotates around it. Our bowl is fully reversible to provide excellent flexibility in incorporating all ingredients. This design emulates very accurately a kneading and rolling motion of pizza dough that had been historically done by hand. The dough produced by our spiral mixers produce a light and elastic dough, due to the coordinated motion of the agitator and the bowl together.

    This kind of precision blending keeps the temperature of the dough cooler, which prevents it from being over developed. Our mixers provide kitchens the ability to produce a better product in significantly less time compared to more conventional methods. The spiral mixer is specialized for dough and produces superior results to other types of mixers.

  • Planetary Mixers - Many pizza restaurants have utilized our planetary mixers with great success. These mixers are extremely versatile, yet at a price point that makes them obtainable for even small commercial kitchens. The bowl of this popular mixer design stays in one position, while the dough hook revolves around the bowl in a motion similar to a planet orbiting the sun. Planetary mixers offer more versatility as the dough hook accessory can be interchanged with a wire whip or flat beater accessory that can be used to mix creams, sauces, or other ingredients besides dough.

  • Industrial Mixers – Designed for large kitchens or production facilities that make a vast amount of pizza dough, our largest industrial mixers will cause the productivity of your staff to soar. Available with a removable bowl cart and motorized bowl lifts and flippers, American Eagle industrial mixers can easily be incorporated as part of a larger factory production line. This flexibility will positively impact your bottom line by saving both time and money while helping automate the production of large volumes of high quality pizza dough.

Investing In Your Kitchen’s Success with Quality Pizza Dough Mixers

American Eagle Food Machinery takes great pride in the quality and durability of all of our commercial pizza dough mixer machines. Here are just a few of the many features that our products offer:

  • Body and main housing produced from unimold cast iron.
  • Bowls constructed from high quality stainless steel.
  • Much thicker agitators and mechanical components than found on many competing models.
  • Belt driven spiral mixers with a start-up relay for greater speed, power, and long term reliability.
  • Gear driven planetary mixers for precise mixing speeds.
  • High quality electronics and wiring reduce operational failures.
  • Equipment is easily cleaned and sanitized.
  • Enamel coating resists dents, scrapes and rust.

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For over 25 years, American Eagle Food Machinery has been producing outstanding commercial pizza dough mixers for kitchens of every size and location. We know that the foundation of every great pizza is a dough based crust that has been crafted using the finest ingredients and mixing methods. We guarantee that our dough mixing machines will produce the finest quality crusts for your customers to enjoy.

Contact us today to learn more about why so many of the most successful pizza restaurants have chosen American Eagle Food Machinery’s mixing equipment for their kitchens. Let us put our decades of knowledge and experience to work for you.

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